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About us

About Us

PKC foundation is a Hyderabad based Non-Governmental Organisation which has come up with an aim to eradicate poverty & hunger in a possible way. So we want you to join your hands with PKC foundation to make it happen.

We all know that food, shelter and clothing are the basic needs of any individual. We feel proud that technology is boon, but we couldn't use it properly for this cause which made no change in the poverty levels in India since many years. We believe that technology is in our hands, we can use it to build or destroy. So we are now committed to serve the needy in different means and to solve the problems by creating general awareness to the children and youth.

Motivating the general public and providing food to other organisations through direct action and donations are the other initiatives, we are looking to take further.

The Foundation works with select schools that are dedicated to children welfare to assist with public awareness and other activities. Donations which are made to the foundation will be used for further efforts. So, we seek everyone to join your hands with PKC Foundation to help the deprived people in our society and to eradicate the poverty, because we all know that

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